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Tendons are cord-like tissue that connect muscles to bone and therefore

act as mechanical cables allowing you to move

What happens in trigger finger?

Tendons are cord-like tissue that connect muscles to bone and therefore act as mechanical cables allowing you to move. Synovial sheaths are smooth, lubricated linings on tendons that help the tendons slide without friction. Trigger finger, also called tenosynovitis, is inflammation of a tendon and its synovial sheath in the finger (usually the index finger, but frequently the thumb in which case it is called trigger thumb). The inflammation may be due to repeated trauma, infection, or some unknown cause. The tendon and its synovial sheath become swollen and may develop scarring. Because there is obstruction as the affected parts of the tendon and sheath try to slide past each other, there is difficulty in straightening the finger. On trying a little harder the affected areas are forced to slide past each other (often with a clicking sound) and the rest of the movement is easy.


Medical treatment 

Medical treatment consists of rest, oral anti-inflammatory drugs (like aspirin), or steroid preparations which are injected directly into the affected hand.


Surgical treatment 

Surgical treatment is reserved for those instances where medical treatment does not work well enough to relieve your symptoms. It is usually done

as same day surgery and takes about 20 minutes to complete. The skin at the base of the affected finger is incised and the tendon sheath is cut

open to allow the tendon to move freely. The skin is sutured shut, your finger is bandaged, and a splint may be applied. The risks of surgery are

small but include bleeding, infection, and (rarely) damage to the tendon. The sutures are removed in about two weeks and you may be given exercises for your finger.




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